Retelling 'Alien'; now 'Bad Space Animal'

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Bad Space Animal

The space car work people of the space car Not From Here Old Guy wake up from very very long space sleep and are told by the space car's computer, Mother, they have been sent to a tiny, never seen before smaller space rock to find things out about a weird not normal sound of not known place where came from.

Good plan.

But the space car work people's work-place-promise-words state that not looking more, even if maybe dying, means they must definitely not get their money. So they go.

The space car Not From Here Old Guy lands on the smaller space rock but is all broken up during the get to the ground move. Space care work people Large-Hot-City, Light Bright Guy, and Walking-Stick-With-Wrong-Letters, go out to look more at the weird not normal sound while the rest of the space car work people stay behind to make fixing things happen and wait to see if anyone might need help. The away team finds a really really broken bad space animal space car like nothing they have ever seen before.

Inside, they find the dead body of a bad space animal and a dark rock room filled with really big, sleeping, baby bad space animals. Walking-Stick-With-Wrong-Letters, like one who wears red shirts, decides to look really close at one of the sleeping baby bad space animals.

He is right away attacked by a smaller face hugging bad space animal.

Back at the space car, Grey-Burned-Stuff tries to take the face hugging bad space animal off of his face, but burning hot blood came out of it and the smaller bad space animal's angry strong ways kept him from doing so. Eventually, the thing gives up and dies. Walking-Stick-With-Wrong-Letters does not die but does have a hurting throat but is almost all okay.

The space car work people sit down for a final food time before going back into really really long space sleep, but they get a big, bad, surprise at this food time.

An tiny tiny bad space animal bursts out of Walking-Stick-With-Wrong-Letters' chest, killing him. The space car work people decide they won't be able to do really long space sleep very happy like with that thing on the space car, so they get their fire throwing guns and go looking to kill the bad space animal.

As we enter the really not happy half of the movie, He-Who-Wears-A-Head-Cover and Large-Hot-City meet the Bad Space Animal and that's it for them, and Believe-It-Or-Not-Lady finds the Big Money People actually sent Grey-Burned-Stuff to make sure the bad space animal is taken. He attacks Believe-It-Or-Not-Lady , but More-Than-A-Park and Light Bright Guy fight him off, showing him to be a not real computer person. They turn the not real person back on to ask him how to kill the bad space animal, but he tells them it is really not going to go well because they are fighting a perfect life form.

Believe-It-Or-Not-Lady decides enough of this noise. They will escape on the tiny space car and kill up the space car. She gets the tiny space car ready and goes looking for her cat, while Light Bright Guy and More-Than-A-Park get killed by the bad space animal.

Believe-It-Or-Not-Lady sets the self-kill on the big space car, escapes in the tiny space car, and watches as they space car and bad space animal are made into tiny space pieces.

The end?

Not real end!

The bad space animal managed to escape on the tiny space car with Believe-It-Or-Not-Lady. Doing some quick thinking, she slips into a space walking set of clothes, ties herself into a seat, and sends the bad space animal flying into space. When it attempts to get back into the tiny space through one of the make-the-space-car-go things, she hits the start-go and send the really bad space animal away.

Believe-It-Or-Not-Lady enters the story into the computer of the end of the Not From Here Old Guy and its space car work people. Believe-IT-Or-Not-Lady and her car go into really really long space sleep.

The real end

Created: May 18, 2017


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