Treasure Hunt

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What if the person you spent the best days of your life with could no longer remember you. To her eyes you become just another man on the street. Yet she still remains acquainted with the contours of the town you both live in. A man, smiting for this woman, worms his way back into her life and sets out to reinvigorate her memory of him by helping her trace back her footsteps. A treasure hunt of riddles and poetry taking her back into time; to places, locations, buildings and spots where they created momentous memories together. Ideally it doesn't work. So when she arrives to her final destination where the man awaits, she gently lets him down. Confused and bewildered that she knew exactly how to crack each riddle.......................

I'll sleep on this one; currently lost in my own web.

Created: May 18, 2017


Huios Document Media