Thoughts, Ideas and Suggestions #10

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 I like the philosophy and methodology that says  " Think big but take small steps".

I was reading a book about Disney and realized that is one of the best company of the world. There isn't any japanese company that can compete with 

"Tokyo Disneyland " in term of service quality.

Looks like HitRecord ( Joe ) need a goal or vision.  I'll give a big one, but not impossible to achieve. The ultimate goal will be have a partnership with Disney.

Not only make movies, but also take it to the level that can be part of the attractions.

Imagen Joe as the next Johnny Depp , i mean , as the character of Pirates of the Caribbean . Disney is always looking for new attractions, characters, etc.

The process will be step by step. It should start by making lots of short films, make few movies ( it has to be successful ) and finally, maybe collaborate with the best of the best. But, to achieve that, Joe has to become an a real entrepreneur. It can't be achieved by just being a celebrity that run the site as hobby.

HitRecord has to grow bigger enough to have the capability to add values.

I think is time to decide , keep HitRecord as it is ( it not gonna grow that much, because already has history (old site) ), or seek for new way .

If  Joe likes the quote "we don't make movie to make money, we make money to make more movies",  i prefer "we make money to be part of Walt Disney's Fantasy".

Created: May 18, 2017


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