Where Do I Belong

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Sometimes there aren't enough words

Countless days worrying vs living

Watching families being "families"

Troubling gazes from these strangers

My children n me r not seen in their light

A comment here or there on the kids

Especially how their behavior changes with me

Humorous when my children are complimented yet I'm looked past

Always the confused look at my tattoos and piercings

Well, they are mine and all chosen for a purpose 

Did I get them for attention from strangers? 

Sadly, no, they each tell their own story

If you put all the pieces together, you get ME

Maybe these gazes of fear, confusement, etc

Shall decrease as my children will tell their stories

My oldest plans to cremate me after taking a picture of each one

So, their stories will differ from the age differences

But where do I belong when with any application, I'd have to lie

They always ask about health, etc

Every test would fail me, even those with which I have degrees

I also have a past

We all do 

Mostly it differs on whether or not you get caught

I've seen many get away with murder

I stole medicine and food, got protective orders, have been evicted for standing up for tenants' rights

So where do I belong? 

Somewhere to be loved unconditionally, no fear and a place to be the mom I am....

Created: May 18, 2017

Tags: story, free verse, poetry, script

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