whispered folktales

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I run my fingers through

your tangles of hair;

you whisper stories

into my hands.


“There once were

two souls,

in two ribcages,

in two hearts,

in two bodies.

They were not always


but they were always



She would dream up adventures

that they took while they slept,

and whilst awake.

He would saunter through

banks of powdery snow,

she drifted in pools

of crystal-clear water,

and they always met

on top

of sand dunes.

She ambled through the

deepest gardens,

He traipsed around

violent city streets,

and they always met

in the parking lot.


He is lost

in the turmoil

of her, then

she says,

in the liquid darkness,

‘You surround me

in radiance’,

and he knows,

he knows,

that he will never

stop loving.”






Created: Jan 26, 2011


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