Being Told to Believe Something Else - WWC 128

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A young woman from a good but not well to do family is told not to marry the man she loves because he has no money. She thinks it might be the right thing to do but is sorry after she tells him. He leaves but comes back after some years as a good catch while her family is about to lose their house. The young woman moves in with her stupid sister near by and the man who once was her boyfriend takes over her family home with his sister and her man.

The young woman who was told that the boyfriend was not good enough loves him still but he starts to be friends with another pretty yet not very bright girl. They make eyes at each other in front of the young woman who becomes very sad but there is nothing she can do. On a trip the pretty girl has a serious brush with death and must stay behind to get well again while the young woman moves away to live with her father and her other sister in a big town. The man she loves but did not marry goes on to visit his brother. There he realizes that he still wants to be with his first love and not the pretty girl but when he arrives in town to tell her he sees that someone else also shows an interest in her.

In her father's house the young woman does not know that her love has changed his mind and thinks about the new offer when she is warned off by a friend who knows the other man to be very bad. Out of the blue it is made known that the pretty girl is getting married to someone else and her first love sends a note saying she made a break in the bit in him that is not the heart but just as important though it can't be seen, and that he still loves her.

They meet and decide to make things happen. This time around not one person says that they can not get married so they get on with it and it is thought they were happy.


And when I pressed the green thing to show off this piece a well known but long dead woman who wrote books with many interesting words in them cried and turned in her final resting place.

Created: May 18, 2017

Tags: persuasion, jane austen, being told to believe something else, you pierce my soul, wwc128

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