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Manners for adults its quite an interesting topic to talk about . So lets get started ◆◆

1● They should always remember their childhood .. yes you heard it .. Our parents expect us to be the best of every child they ever know and will compare you to a perticular person whom you don't know but still you want to kill him/her . But when you get to know about their childhood , you realise how much screwed up they were . 


2●They should never talk to your friend in your absence .... there are some days when you got b grade and your best friend got A grade but you lie to your mom that he/she got F grade ... there have been days when your boyfriend /girlfriend gifted you something and you again lied .. i know our friends can cover it and they will lie to our parents but they are not actors guys ,the shocking and lieing face will reveale everything 😋

3● They should knock our doore before coming in ... i know its not a big problem in U.S.A but in asian countries its not a problem its adult right .. there not always been days that you watch porn .. but still sometimes you are mimicking your favourite dialogue from a movie , or you are dancing like  mad person , you are sleeping with a hot mess on your bed , or you became a model in your room ... 

And if they saw that they're gonna believe that their child is mentally unstable or something so, this manner is for the sake of adults well being 😉

There are many more but still thats all for now !!! 

Created: May 17, 2017


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