The mailman's kid

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When I was around 9 or so and my brother was about 10, I convinced our younger sister that she was the mailman's kid. She had been especially annoying that day, doing things to get both my brother and I in trouble (just because). So I told her that she was adopted. She initially was pretty sure I was lying, until my brother realized what I was doing, and helped embellish the story. We got to the point where we explained that her hair was the same color as his, and that he planned to take her home with him the next time he came to deliver mail. Cue the mailman delivering a package at the perfect moment. She was hysterical, ran to my mom and sobbed " I don't want to live with the mailman!" My mom was so confused until she saw my brother and I laughing so hard we cried. The whuppin' I received was total worth it. 

Created: May 17, 2017


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