A Finger Fidgeter

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I stumbled upon this writing challenge and was immediately drawn to it. I read through the posts (as suggested in the writing challenge prompt) and could not think of anything to write about...So I opened up a new tab on my internet page, and started looking at graduate degrees. Similarly uninspired, I started looking at jobs. The door downstairs opened and my thought processes redirected to the sounds of my boyfriend welcoming the dogs. As I drew my focus back to my computer screen, I found my toes twitching, tapping, alternating movements. I then realized that I am constantly twiddling my fingers (and toes) in any. way. possible. 

I am a Finger Fidgeter:

I twirl my hair constantly. 

When listening to a song, someone talk, or watching a movie, a certain word sticks out in my mind and I find myself writing the word in the air with my index finger. I figure this out minutes later, mostly due to the strain of the unnoticed spelling.

Despite others telling me it is a) annoying b) harmful c) gross or d) all of the above, I still crack my knuckles. Correction, all of my phalanges.

I twirl my hair more.

When conscious of my fidgeting and feel uncomfortable to partake in my usual habits, I twiddle my thumbs together in front of my stomach. I learned this one from my great-grandma, GG. 

I twirl my hair more and work through the tiny knots and split ends. If I find a good chunk with split ends, oh man, am I in for a treat! Whilst driving, listening, reading, contemplating, or waiting, I will be twirling. 

I do not pick at my nails, unless they are already broken or catching on things. 

Likewise, I do not bite at my fingers, either. 

However, I will cut my nails ritually. I cannot stand them being long.

And then, I twirl my hair more. 

Whether it be a fidget, habit, stim, or quirk, we all have them. I enjoy finding out the quirks of others. They may not always be pleasant or amusing, but they are the little things that bind us together. 

For example, both my sisters, my mom, and my boyfriend all twirl their hair. In my boyfriend's case, he twirls his beard hair. And we are constantly on each other's case about it. Whether it be noticing that all of the four Chapman girls are twirling their hair, or my boyfriend and I swatting at each other's hands, we laugh and have fun pointing out our quirks. 

I am a finger fidgeter!

Created: May 17, 2017


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