Chuck E Cheese's burned down (Childhood Lies)

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The most fun I recall ever having at a childhood birthday party was at Chuck E Cheese's. The place is basically a fun house of sorts for kids of all ages. It's got an arcade, skeet ball, mazes, a food court, and a colorful ball pit you can jump into and accumulate germs. The place is filled with noise, there are kids running around unattended, and the scent of cheap pizza and french fries looms in the air at all times. It's every kid's dream, and every parent's worst nightmare.

I went to Chuck E Cheese's  for the first time when I was in pre-school. I can still remember how fun it was. And I definitely recall my mom being a bit overwhelmed at trying to keep an eye on me as I zig-zagged around the place like a crazy person. 

I still remember the ride home, ranting and raving from my car seat about how I wanted to go back there every day. My mom was definitely trying to deflect that notion and, during breakfast one day, she made up a fictional news headline. According to her, there had been a fire at Chuck E Cheese's. The entire building burned to the ground. Nothing remained. And, unfortunately, I would never be able to go there ever again.

Flash forward a few years later. I'm in the backseat getting driven around and there area we're in starts to look familiar. The scent of cheap pizza and french fries was probably lingering in the air as well. I looked at the window, and there it was — Chuck E Cheese's, perfectly in tact with parents and children flocking to the entrance.

The ultimate lie had been exposed and my mom had some serious explaining to do...

Created: May 16, 2017

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