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When I was a small boy

I always liked to sit outside in the sun

I always liked to swim in the deep blue sea

I always liked to eat vanilla ice cream

Then I grow up

I found out that the morning time is not for me

I became the leader of the wolf pack

I went out at night

When the moon was up

I was getting drunk on alcohol and women

I used to dance all night

Now I am at the age of 37

Soon I will be 40

Now I am somewhere in the middle

I am lazy in the morning

But I am also lazy to go out at night

I am not the leader of the wolf pack anymore

Just a tired man

That is trying to make a living

So when the night comes

I found my favorite spot on my couch

I sleep until next morning comes

To remind me

That all things never end

They just make a new start

Created: May 16, 2017

Tags: poetry, theme, the dark arts

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