Artist's Statement: eyes closed, heart open

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I want you to know that:


I’m not here to show you anything new.

I don’t think I can teach you anything you don’t already know.

I am here to pay tribute.

I am here to worship.

My work is anything but, new.

And I am anything but, original.

For my art is not really MY art.

I just want you to remember that you are beautiful, you have a good heart, and you are not alone.

And I invite you:

With your eyes closed

And your heart open...




Magick is conscious creation.

Mystery overflows with beauty.

Beauty illuminates divinity.



My self-titled first solo art exhibit is a "secret sacred garden": a growing, blooming, breathing universe of magick and mystery. A song in the earth. Stars in the water. The story of a soul. This rose unfolds, opens like a heart. 


Created: Jan 26, 2011

Tags: artist, manifesto, philosophy, creativity

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