Condemned - Remix

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Nobody knows for sure for how long he’s there. When the oldest guard started his job, he was already there. The data files have been burnt in a yet to be explained fire ages ago, so, so far, nobody knows exactly, but, for sure, it seems endless.

In an unknown location ( that can be underground), far beyond the curious eyes, there are four walls made of the stronger and unshakeable materials with only one glass in the middle. Inside there’s a soul condemned.

The story filled the newspapers a long time ago, when he saw a devil’s reflection on the mirror. His face was torn with cuts while his shadow revealed two major horns. His arms were wings and through the mouth dripped a thread of resin making a pasty chewing every time he moved his lips.

Nobody could see the shadows, disbelief fell into this man seen by others as a mad man, fighting alone against himself to release the shadow that was pursuing him. As it has been told, it was Belial that put themselves inside that room, so he could devour slowly at his own pleasure every inch of the man. Of course it’s a years meal, and painful, as the beast made sure, he would feel each slowly bite with his special saliva making sure the flesh wouldn’t rot.

But this was the people based on their imagination. Still, it maybe could be that. What it’s known is that an arm showed up against the glass. The loud bang even made a crack. A sign, that the final end is not that far.

The guards got scared as they saw a glimpse. They were three, inside of one, as the walls absorbed them all.

There was no escape, and never again was told, the story of the walls and the condemned soul.

Created: May 16, 2017

Tags: shabrock remix, story, fiction, devil, belial, condemned, soul, walls, resin, imagination, people, guards, fire, data files, glass, wings

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