The topology of timelessness

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Have you ever thought how time looks like? Is it a straight line that goes on forever? Or is it sort of like a clock going in circle. What about the moment when time began? Or does it have any beginning? What if we are on the edge of a running arrow, experiencing only the present, and are not even allowed to touch anything but present. If it is like a movie of a running arrow, can we take a snapshot of it? Can we stop the arrow or rewind it from another point of our choosing? If it is a straight line, how many straight lines are out there? Are the all parallel lines travelling together or sometimes intersect each other as well. Or is it a single line with lots of branches with numerous possibilities. Then what about those other 'me's on the other branches. Or perhaps moments in the time stream exist independently from each other. Does it even exist? Or only exist in our minds? Who knows?

Too much, eh? Anyways, here is something to fresh your mind. Keep having an awesome night/day.

Created: May 16, 2017

Tags: high-res, drawing, painting, graphic design, horizontal, texture, portrait, abstract, nature, digital, sketch, black and white, time, topology, design, life, idea, adambose1990, dandelion, clock

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