Than and now

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Then and now.
A velvet string passed through the great cold distance.
Another dream fell apart.
Why the divinity is so fake?
Why the walking through the endless grey shouted
to the mild innocence?
Feels like I’m falling into a grey sky.
Grey wind with all the leftovers from your soul.
Or maybe it’s black.
Is it hopeless?
Is it a high new passion that drives me insane
and scares the hell out of me?

If you ever stop and start wondering
Where the grey sets in her eyes,
When the nights are long,
And the mind cannot think straight,
Eyes cannon see clear,
Ask her what she dreams about?

Ask her where the pain
That takes such a huge part of her existence comes from?
Would you be quiet when you won’t see the hope in her eyes?
Would you wear guilt?

* * *

Or would you stay there speechless,
Numb of all that feelings
That her deep look caused you to feel,
without nothing to say?
Would you walk away?
I know you.
You were in my nightmares.
you were watching over my pathetic excuse of an existence,
while I crashed a thousand walls.
So, at the end you could wait me with open arms.
And now you are going to leave?
And just simply walk the fuck away?

No you are bound to that grayness in her eyes
and you know you are staying.
For an eternity.
Because even when she’s gone,
you’ll always be bound to the sadness to come.
So would you stay?
Would you be my sword and shield?
Would you be my last breath?

Created: Jan 23, 2010


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