The Music Maker

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Logline: Musicals aren't for everyone.

Plot: A woman finds herself waking up one day with the ability to inspire musical numbers in anyone she meets. Seeing as how she thoroughly enjoys musicals, she takes it upon herself to take the day off work (making her boss sing his frustration over the phone in the process) and goes on a mad spree of short little musical clips about her sleep eyed town, inflicting brief ballads and shrieking rock conflicts on her neighbours, family and even her dear husband who returns home with an insatiable desire to strip tease while singing in seductive confusion. 

The door shuts as he reaches his crescendo and she wakes up the following morning, to open the window and sing out a good morning, only to be hit in the face with an egg and someone down on the street yelling

"I hate musicals!"

Created: May 15, 2017


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