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The most uncomfortable challenge in my whole life was when I realised my huge family is being ripped apart by comflicts and dysfunctional ideas. Some individuals were even attempting to kill some other members of the family, some were ignorant, others were too emotional. And I was the only one who saw what really was happening. I also had a chance which anybody would use to leave that war and start a new life so that at least some legacy is being passed onto the new generation. I was a kid when this all was happening. I decided to secretly start a game to save everybody. I wasn't interested in punishing the bad guys. I wanted to save everyone. It was a very subtle game. Having read at least a few books out of every culture, genre and time I knew what I had to do. But reality was much more disgusting and challenging than I thought. I went through fire and water, insanity, depression, stress levels which destroyed my nervous system. I nearly died. It was... there are no names for what I saw. It would take a year to tell all he details as I was stealthy, very fast and powerful. I sacrificed everything for that but made it look like I was the only problem. Basically for everybody I was one thing, another for the whole, something else for everybody else and my true self for me. I made it a lifetime achievement.

And I won. But it was... extremely challenging. I have to write a book about that or a script. Because there are things out there as I discovered that still are unknown and they have been happening for millenia. 

Long story short... I got my legacy. And though I was thinking I am about to die... I got more than anybody else. I didn't really save them but I eased their transition. And no one is harmed. Jesus might have suffered less that challenging it was.

Created: May 15, 2017


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