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I was camping with my boyfriend (now husband) and his long time friends at a Provincial Park in Canada the summer after my High School graduation.  Drinking was tolerated as long as you were of age and not rowdy.  We were sitting around the campfire drinking, telling stories and not being loud at all when all of a sudden we were surrounded by the lights of cop cars.  My boyfriend pushed me into our tent and said lay down and be quiet.  For what seemed like forever I stayed in our tent hearing muffled voices thinking holy hell who are these people and what have they done!!!.  

Finally, there was some nervous laughter, the banging of car doors and the sound of engines pulling away and I heard my name being called.  I exited the tent to everyone looking relieved.  You see the 2 months age gap between me and those I was with was enough to make me the only minor in the group.  Being two months shy of my 19th birthday put me in a position of merely being drunk under age, not a huge deal, but it made it a big deal for them because they were providing alcohol to a minor.  They knew I'd never pass for 19 on a good day so they had me hide.  

It turns out the cops had the last two digits of the campsite reversed and were attempting to make a drug bust.  They thought it was hilarious, needless to say we did not share their sense of humour.  I was later told by my boyfriend that all he could think of was my father's gun collection and how he would react if we had been busted.   I still wonder if that other campsite got busted or if we were their warning to get out.  As a side note we only had alcohol at our site.        


Created: May 15, 2017


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