Stuck - WWC 127

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Lafonda and Jimmy walk in to the doctor's office. 

The nurse looks at Jimmy and then back at Lafonda, "Jimmy gone and done it again?" 


The nurse shakes her head and walks them back to an empty examination room. 

"Well, just wait right here and we'll have the doctor in here to help you shortly."

Jimmy and Lafonda sit quietly waiting for the doctor to arrive.

After several minutes of waiting the doctor knocks on the door and enters the room.

"Well, Jimmy what can I ....." he looks up at Jimmy and then back at Lafonda. "Jimmy done it again, huh?"


"Alright Jimmy, lets get you up here on this table and get your head pulled back out of your ass and back up here where it belongs, whaddya say?"

Created: May 15, 2017

Tags: stuck, head stuck in ass, wwc, weekly writing challenge, story, short story

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