Ending stigmas for mental health

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A minuet long animation of a young man's struggle with depression.

It would be a minimal illustration of a young man showing mental illness in four stages. Stage one: walking along, dealing with everyday issues and everyday encounters. He's coping. Stage 2: Then, we see that the longer he walks, the more tired he looks, the less he says hi to people and the clouds move over the sun. Stage 3: He has no desire to keep walking, he finds the world going grey and he feels alone. Stage 4: someone takes his hand, and encourages him to walk. Slowly he goes faster and faster and the sun shines again. And at the end of the animation, the screen clears and then it reads "we can end the stigma, hand in hand".

(As a general point, I think it's important to mention that it be a young man because of the idea that men find it difficult to speak up about mental health issues.)

Created: May 14, 2017


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