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DETECTIVE RUSH: A homicide detective with a flair for the dramatic.

GRACE : A forensic scientist with an eye for detail.

JOHN DOE: A dead man.


JOHN DOE lies dead on the kitchen floor completely NAKED. GRACE is examining JOHN's body. RUSH is standing and thinking with a dramatic pose.

GRACE: Sir, it looks like-

RUSH (interrupting): I know. Our John Doe was poisoned by the leader of the Nudist Cult he joined last week and was trying to quit to go to the press and blow the whistle about.

Grace stands up and Rush starts pacing around, paying no mind to Grace.

GRACE: I don’t- What?

RUSH: Picture this…

RUSH and GRACE are transported back in time. They are now by the door to the apartment, the body of JOHN is gone and it is dark.

RUSH (V.O.): …it was late at night, the moon casting shadows across the room, when the naked Cult Leader knocked on the door-

SFX: Knock on door.

RUSH (CONT’D/V.O.): -and a very naked John Doe answered…

We see the NAKED CULT LEADER, hand on his hip, at the door. John Doe, also naked, waving hello. Their privates are blurred. They both look at the camera for approval after a beat. *I imagine these action sequences to be very over-acted.

GRACE (V.O.): Sir, he’s been dead for over 20 hours. Whatever happened, it was during the day.

The two naked guys are still standing at the door, awkwardly waiting instructions. John Doe tries to cover his privates but someone clears their throat from O.C. and he moves his hand.

RUSH (V.O.): OK, picture this …

The room becomes very light. The naked Cult Leader squints from the sun light rushing in.

RUSH (V.O.): ... it was mid-afternoon, when the unsuspicious John Doe lets the Cult Leader inside his home, hoping to have an adult conversation about the cult.

They both move to the living room and sit on the couch. John Doe offers the Cult Leader a cup of tea. They both place napkins on their laps and sip their tea.

GRACE (V.O.): We only found the victims fingerprints around the house. There was no one else in here. Ever.

They both look at the camera expectantly.

RUSH (V.O.): Well… Obviously, the, the Cult Leader was… wearing gloves!

Some big, black LEATHER GLOVES pop up on the Cult Leader’s hands. He struggles to hold on to the tea cup.

RUSH (CONT’D/V.O.): And, when our John Doe wasn’t looking, the Cult Leader slipped the poison into his tea cup and voilá!

John Doe finishes his tea and immediately starts dying this very dramatic death.

GRACE (V.O.): But, then, how did the victim end up on the kitchen floor?

They both stop and look at the camera, nodding their agreement.

RUSH (V.O.): Seriously, Grace, it’s like I have to explain everything to you. Um, he, of course, started to feel a little nauseous and, and, stumbled into the kitchen to get, uh, some water and that’s when he died.

John Doe is doing a very over the top stumble across the house to the kitchen where he finally falls to the ground. The Cult Leader follows him and gives an over the top maniacal laugh before discreetly trying to move John Doe’s arm to the right position with his foot (the same we found him at the start.)

RUSH (CONT’D/V.O.): And then the Cult Leader left-

GRACE (V.O./interrupting): -took the tea cups with him.

The Cult Leader is carrying the tea cups and kettle out the door, wincing because they’re hot.

RUSH (V.O.): Of course. And probably disposed of his gloves, too, because he wasn’t feeling naked enough.

We come back to the present moment. Rush looks pretty satisfied with himself as Grace tries really hard not to roll her eyes at him.

GRACE: Yes, that is definitely a possible explanation. But I’m leaning more towards a stroke or a suicide. The victim fits the description of a loner type with intimacy issues.

RUSH: Maybe.

A POLICE OFFICER walks inside holding an evidence bag.

POLICE OFFICER: Sir, ma’am. We just found these black leather gloves a block away. We’re taking them to forensics.

Rush looks smugly at Grace who pretends to check something on the sink.

POLICE OFFICER (CONT’D): Do you want to oversee the collection of the tea paraphernalia we found nearby?

RUSH: Grace, shall we?

They all leave the room. Grace follows behind and, frustrated, gives the double finger to Rush’s back.

GRACE (clears throat): Of course, sir. After you.


Created: May 14, 2017

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