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The song makes me feel kind of sad and think futuristic dystopia. For some reason, an old 90s TV show called Herman's Head came to mind. A similar modern day version would be Inside out. However, I'm thinking darker.

Perhaps we see a guy walking down the street. A nondescript guy, nothing special, and we cannot see much around him or if there is anyone nearby. Perhaps it starts as a closeup. He stares at the ground as he walks.

We can hear the song, but we cannot tell where it comes from. He isn't wearing headphones. Then we go inside his head. Tiny robots are at their instruments performing the song we hear... But that's not all.

We pan around his head to see many tiny robots, each focused on their own task. It's as if they are driving a tank, and the nondescript guy is it. Tiny robots to move his feet, blink his eyelids (hmm.... Would he blink?), and everything else.

The tiny band provides the soundtrack for the nondescript guy's existence. It plays on a loop. Then as we zoom out of his head we see other people, all staring at the ground as they walk. Everyone is nondescript and in no particular rush to get anywhere.

We zoom out to see the world they all live in. It is also nondescript, kind of gray. We zoom in once again, but now into someone else's mind. As we get closer we hear the same song. Then we zoom I to another, and another, perhaps many at the same time. The screen splits rapidly as we see inside ll of these poor nondescript people there is the same time robot band. It plays the same song, on a loop. Every move they mke is controlled by the tiny robots inside of them.

Maybe the tiny robots are aliens who invaded our planet? Maybe not?

Created: May 14, 2017

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