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Must have one side of the bed up against a wall or I will fall out of bed.

(Think this is so I do not get out of the wrong side of the bed)

Love me some sexy masculine voices.

(I so go weak at the knees)

Always shower!  If taking a bath, I need to take a shower to wash off my dirt that I was just sitting in.

(Fresh towel every time.  Who knows how many dead skin cells are on the towel you used yesterday? )

I crochet to relax or if I am angry.

(At least I know my energy /negative energy is used to create somthing positive)

I can not stand to wear finger nail polish. 

(My nails can not breath.  I feel like there are ten pound bowling balls on each hand)

I could continue but I will be boring you.

(Yes, this seems to be another one of my quirks.)

Created: May 13, 2017


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