Grape Bubblegum

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Grape bubblegum...the cologne of elementary school.

I became an entrepreneur and a lady's man at an early age. It started with the mother of all bubble blowing contests and a strong gust of wind that blew my unruly hair in every direction. The result was a glorious mess; giant wads of gum stuck in my blonde curls. After the initial shocked gasp from everyone around me, I soon became the most popular kid on the playground. I knew my mother would have a meltdown when I got home but felt I should make the most of the situation while I could. In exchange for a kiss, I let the girls play hairdresser with my purple hair gel for the rest of recess.

Grape bubblegum...the taste of lippy sweetness.

Created: May 13, 2017

Tags: story, fiction, stuck, bubblegum, hair, kiss, playground

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