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DETECTIVE RUSH: A homicide detective with a flair for the dramatic.

GRACE : A forensic scientist with an eye for detail.

JOHN DOE: A dead man.


JOHN DOE lies dead on the kitchen floor with blood on his forehead. GRACE is examining JOHN's body. RUSH is standing and thinking with a dramatic pose.

RUSH: Check for a pulse.

GRACE: Pretty sure he’s dead, guv.

RUSH: Every assumption is a roadblock to the truth.

GRACE checks JOHN DOE’s pulse in his neck, getting blood on her fingers.

GRACE: No pulse.

RUSH: The blood on your fingers, is it wet?

GRACE rubs her bloody fingers together. The blood is indeed wet.

GRACE: Meaning the murder is recent?

RUSH: NO! That’s what the murderer wants us to believe! Consider for a moment the level of self-control - and confidence - required to come back to the murder scene day after day to rehydrate the victim’s coagulating blood. The question now changes from who murdered this man to WHY the murderer wants us to believe the murder was recent.

GRACE: There doesn't appear to be any signs of a struggle.

RUSH: Internal or external?

GRACE: Erm … external.

RUSH: Look at the position of the body. What does that say to you?

GRACE: That the victim received a gunshot wound to the back of the head and then fell down dead to the floor?

RUSH: That's what your eyes see but what does the victim’s position say?

GRACE: The sa(me)/

RUSH: (interrupting) ‘Avenge me! Avenge me!’ Look how the left arm is outstretched. Why the left arm? Fifty-fifty chance you say and yet we see that arm outstretched with a hundred percent certainty. Hmm. Have a house-to-house search of every property that lies on this angle for 50 miles. 70 miles.

GRACE: But the arm’s only like that cos you tripped over it before, remember.

RUSH: (ignoring) Look at this picture.

They look at a painting on the wall. It’s not ‘The Scream’ but it looks like ‘The Scream’.

RUSH (CONT’D): Notice anything unusual?


RUSH: It's upside down.

GRACE: Pretty sure it isn't.

RUSH: Stop looking from a Detective’s perceptive.

RUSH crouches down to the victim, puts his head close to the victim’s.

RUSH (CONT’D): It's upside down for the VICTIM. From his perspective it's upside down.

GRACE: Yes … and …

RUSH: (interrupting) Don't be so quick to rush to judgement. ABSORB the scene.

RUSH breaths in and breaths out.

etc. etc.

Created: May 12, 2017


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