The Wedding Toast

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Groom, HANK, in tuxedo, making a toast at his wedding.


I would like to thank everyone here today. But most of all, I would like to thank Jesus.

HANK looks towards the crowd, but looking up, as if towards the ceiling.

HANK cont:

Every day Jesus is there for me. Jesus, thank you for providing us with this food. Thank you, Jesus, for the many gifts that you have bestowed upon us. You’re my boss, Jesus. My best man. Thank you.

HANK pounds his chest with his fist, kisses it, and gives a peace sign towards the sky.



HANK looks a bit confused.

JESUS, the best man (also in a tuxedo) is standing on a balcony or some other raised surface, which is why the HANK was looking up. JESUS clinks his wine glass.


Hank, you deserve every one of those bath towels I gave you and your lovely bride. You are one of my best employees.

[JESUS pronounces his name as in Spanish: HEY zues.]

JESUS cont, to the crowd:

Jesus Garcia Catering and Events is proud to provide the food for this fine event. Tell your friends! Use code: JESUS for 10% off through August 31!

JESUS cont:

God bless everyone! Water and wine are on the tables - enjoy!

Created: May 12, 2017

Tags: script

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