Flavor of words

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I've been spending alot time think about how hard the words had hit me

the thought of them is what I believed to not have perceived 

but it was the taste I received when I finally found the courage to swallow 

a taste so pure to upset my frame, I was sure the taste would be that of sorrow

thinking because they were to fall from your lips that it'd taste something like greed 

but when you said " what's mine is mine and yours is yours there is nothing to leave" 

A soggy tongue like days old chewing gum made them hard for me to swallow 

But when I did I fell flat on my my feet because It wasn't upsetting the taste I received 

It wasn't even close to greed or sorrow 

but the taste I received was a taste so sweet 

who knew I'd be back for more tomorrow . 

Created: May 12, 2017


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