Máni Lyric Suggestion (Lost at Sea)

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For the first part

My suggestion for Máni's lyrics would be...

At the start where Máni is lighting the stars -
Imigh leat, a dhorcadais (Away with you, darkness)

This could maybe be returned to later in the piece if it fitted in to refer to the darkness of Rán.

Then as he is watching the father struggle he could repeat

Lean ort (keep going, don't give up)
Ná géill (don't give up, don't yield)

I tried to choose phrases that would be easy to sing in the way that Amalia was singing the Kyrie so I hope they might work in those spaces!

Created: May 11, 2017

Tags: máni, lyric, suggestion, lost, at, sea, irish, ceceliagavigan

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