The key and mysterious T.

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It had been two weeks since she found the random keyhole in the, soon-to-be living room wall, of her new starter home. It had been one week since she found the old rusted key in the kitchen drawer. It had been a full hour of her standing in front of the keyhole, deciding what to do. At 4:35pm however, she finally inched forward, gently put the key into the black mysterious keyhole and, expecting to find a secret door like Coraline, was dissapointed when nothing happened. There was no secret door, no unexplored world or adventure waiting for her. However, something felt out of place, everything was suspiciously quiet. She return to the kitchen and, resigned to live an ordinary life forever, she made herself a sandwich, after eating it, she went to the unfinished bedroom and took a nap. She slept for what it felt like, at least, 2 hours but was surprised to find that her alarm didn't sound, when she looked at her phone then she realised what was the cause: it was 4:35pm. Her phone wasn't broken, every clock marked the same hour. How could that be? How was possible that time hasn't passed since she... The key! She looked for the key everywhere, she was sure she put it back in the drawer but now it was nowhere to be found. Many thoughts went through her mind, but her instinct speaked louder. She had to go out and find someone, ask for help, but when she reached the street she regretted it right away. Everything, living or not, was turn into a statue. She crossed the whole street but only to find the same spectacle everywhere. Both mental and physically exhausted, she returned home. Again something felt odd, a voice in the back of her mind told her to look again in the drawer. She rushed to it and found a note that wasn't there before:

"If you want the key, come and find me.- T."

Nothing guaranteed her that this so called "T" had the key or even that the key would make the world spin again but...What could she do?

1. Go out and look for the mysterious "T" blindly in every corner of the world.

2. Try to find out who could "T" be and look for more clues of his/her whereabouts.

3. Accept the world as it was and enjoy a life of loneliness, silence and never ending time. But also having a constant fear for death and boredom. 

Created: May 11, 2017

Tags: mystery, story, fiction, adventure

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