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this is a piece of artwork that can be used for a animated show or movie.

Created: May 11, 2017

Tags: high-res, concept character, concept art, concept and films, character head, digital, color, photoshop, drawing, graphic design, available for remixing, art, character art, form, brushes, canvas art, canvas colored, idea, brainstorm, psd attached, psd file, open psd, download, useable, use for project, use for what you want, animated short project, animated film, cartoon, challenge, head, digitalart, red, light red, hitrecord, record, ink, ink a day, paint, color manipulation, smudge, smudge brush, smudgeofpaint, available in high-res, quality, effort, dedicated, result, character portrait, character painting, boy, male, art world, film, concept artwork, concept design, design, concept characters, human character designs, inspired, natural, computerart, software, file upload, share and enjoy :), psd for remix, psd for remixing, psd file attached, happy, emotions, expressions of joy, edit by jason martinez, reedited

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