The Stone In The Sky - 2 - Council

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While most of the villagers stayed sheltered in their homes, three of the main leaders of the village met in one of the small council huts to discuss this sudden looming threat in the sky above. This was unusual for just the three leaders, the Builder, the Carer and the Hunter to meet by themselves. Normally, councils consisted of other village members as well as the Elder who was the keeper of the Old Wisdom. Yet she was sheltering with some of the other hunters of the village for safety and protection. The Stone appearing was something no one had ever experienced before, no one knew the right thing to do. The Builder’s concern was for the village, the homes, the wells, the farms. The Carer’s concern was for the people, the families, the elderly, the children. The Hunters concern was for the defense of the village as well as the food sources out in the forests. And so, after some time discussing, it fell to the Hunter to gather a small group of hunter-warriors to go out and explore the surrounding area of the village, to go into the forests on reconnaissance and ensure the safety of the village. The small council adjourned, and the Hunter went off to gather his crew...

Created: May 11, 2017


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