I Darkness, and You Light.

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My dearest.

My biggest fear
is that you'll hear this
too late, full of hate and loss,
a cost of my own misery, a victory
of my devils, dagger on your chest heavily,
a break in your heart steadily, and a cry from
your lungs drearily. My dearest, you don't deserve
me, I'm an atrocity, my anatomy a strange city for a lost
soul, as black as coal, never once whole, gone before the wind
as even come. My dearest, be gone. You do not deserve any of this.

My darling.
You are everything
I have ever loved, above
life, above hope. You are my
steady rope that holds me still,
until I can stand no more, my heart a sea
that will forever pour into yours, and of course,
you are my passion to life, a living light that my darkness
cannot fight, a voice telling me all will be alright. You are my hope,
above life and above love. My darling, you are my everything.

My greatest love.

We are not right for
one another, I darkness, and
you light. I cannot sleep without
thinking, I cannot blink without recalling
the first time you had me falling, the pull of gravity
nearly bringing me to sanity. You will turn ill in my arms,
your warmth will fade in my heavy shade, and I will cause you
sorrow. Please, live tomorrow. If anything, for me. You'll see someday
that I had to do this. My greatest love, you are above me.

Created: May 11, 2017


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