The woman in half

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There's a voice in me but never to be heard 

I am the woman in half staring at the herd

Eyes in the stars, feet above the sea

Sun pouring out of my heart 

I see but cannot speak

I rest my head on the moon 

Dew drops I shed  

They say I'd cause doom

Still for them I cried and bled

Try and crush me if you can 

Your grasp is nothing but a mere hand

I'll die and rise, between Moon and Sun

Again and again 

Stars for eyes 

Waves within me

I'll know many deaths and many lives 

Till the day you'll finally hear me.

(P.S: I apologize for the mistakes. English is not my first language. :s
Also, I absolutely love AbdoHassan's illustrations. This poem is directly inspired by the picture in the ressource. In an old fashioned surrealist way, I tried illustrating the illustration with words!)

Created: May 11, 2017

Tags: poem, illustration, surrealist, woman, poetry, remix

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