Sum of Man

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[Unknown female character mocking Jack (the introverted egomaniac )]

Look at me!
I am the son of moon!

She humbles me
She reminds me
that in darkness
I crave the Sun.

In dark of night
She reminds me
The Sun is still there
Only hidden.

I crave the sun
Though I burn in his presence.
He is too much for me,

I must recuse myself
To trivial endeavors.

Of preening and
And dancing and fornicating
And prostituting myself
Before the public
In some cases.

But even then
Being consumed
By eternal desire
for more.

I go on...

To fuck everything.

Even if I were the last man on earth;
I'd be fucking the animals
And the fish
And the turtles.

I'd be consuming everything
Food to dink
To movies
To ideas.

On and on
until I'd fucked my penis raw.
Until there was nothing left to fuck.
And then I'd dig a hole
And fuck the earth
Until it was full of cum.

Because I am a man
And I can.

I am the
Sum total
Of this experiment

A cum sum dumb man.

Created: May 11, 2017


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