Forever can be done. (and here it is proved.)

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Ruby wanted it to last forever. Ben did as well. They knew it could be done but they just didn't know how. The days went by, and after each day went by, so did a night. After many of these ordinary days, and many of these ordinary nights, Ben and Ruby both realised something. Something that would prove that Forever can be done. Many more days passed, as did many more nights. But this time the days and nights weren't just ordinary. Every day saw tens of smiles across both their faces. Every night saw romantic dinners with candles and roses. Every day and every night they would pour their unending love for each other and spread it to the edges of the earth. Across desserts and oceans. Sky and land. Their love grew and grew. It never ceased to grow, and continued forever.

Ruby knew. Ben knew. It had been done. It had been proved. 

Forever can be done.

Created: Jan 25, 2011


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