Letters to Romeo 4.

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So you came by today. That wasn't really my plan at all, especially cause i was still in pajamas and was not feeling sexy at all, dirty hair and all. But you didn't really seem to care, and looked really into just having it cosy with me on the couch talking about astronomy. I would've been okay with just that, but it turned into something way better along the way. 

I've been thinking about that comment from you about me probably having latina blood. I guess i can be ruled by my emotions some of the time, which is probably why i'm quick to make up my mind when it comes to love interests. But you're a bit different and I'm finally realizing that it's not really my place to tell you how  and when to make a decision. I just want you to be with me because you want to. I know you've got a big heart and a thing for taking your time to think before you make up your mind and i trust you do what you think is right. Just please don't forget your heart in the process.



Created: May 10, 2017


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