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That's what my life was,
My life was a mirror,
Always reflecting reality,
Like sitting in a cave watching the shadows of life,
People making shadow puppets on the walls,
That one day when mommy came home without Sally,
My mirror shattered,
I remember the hair,
It was everywhere,
On her pillow,
On her bed,
In the bathroom as she leaned over the toilet,
I remember the ugly hat,
She complained that it was scratchy,
But never took it off,
She wore different colors,
But they were always ugly,
I remember the tears,
The tears that flowed from mommy's eyes when she came home from the doctor's every time,
They flowed from grandma's eyes too,
And Sally's,
And even Daddy cried.
Nobody would tell me what was wrong,
Then she had to leave for a few days,
She hugged me so tight I couldn't breathe,
But I didn't complain,
Because I saw the tears flowing down her cheeks,
She told me she loved me,
And that I was getting to be a big girl,
But I will see you in a couple of days, right?
I asked,
She smiled, but didn't respond,
In a couple of days mommy and daddy came home,
They were alone,
Where's sally?
I asked,
She's gone, she's going to be gone for a long time,
Why? When is she coming back?
She's not coming back.
No! I said
She can't leave me,
She wouldn't,
She said she loved me,
Why did she go,
My mirror shattered,
I didn't listen to mommy and daddy,
I didn't care if I would understand later,
I didn't care if she couldn't come back,
I didn't care they couldn't fix it,
I just wanted to see my Sally,

Created: May 10, 2017


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