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(I apologize for my teriball english, it's not my first language butt I tried my best)

Veterinarian- I regret to inform you that your dog has been poisoned and it will only get worse in time, so it's better if we put him down

Dad- What did you think might have caused it?

Veterinarian- he ingested a huge amount of Marijuana, did anyone in your family fed anything to the dog containing Marijuana?

Dad- I'm not sure, could you leave us for a moment, I'm going to talk about this with my family and we'll make a decision after.

Dad- Okay you all heard what the vet said, did one of you fed Marijuana to Nate?( the dog's name) I won't get mad I promise. ( looks at son, daughter then his wife)

Mom- Hey don't look at me.

Son-.....I did it, you promised you won't get mad okay? My friend baked cookies with pot in it and we tried giving some to Nate because we thought it would be funny, we didn't know it would poison him.

Mom- why are you eating weed cookies you're thirteen! Where did you even get that? Who is that friend of yours?

Son- butt you said you won't get mad?

Mom- Your dad said that not me, we'll talk about this later when we get home!

Dad- Honey stop, it's not his fault he didn't know, remember we used to be like that, kids tend to experiment and try things it's normal.

Mom- What?! Why are you defending him?

Dad- Okay, I need to let something off my chest, remember that night when we were about to...you know?

Daughter- Eww that's gross, oh c'mon dad!

Mom- Just go on.

Dad- That night Nate won't stop barking and it annoyed you, so you told me to make him stop. I took care of it by giving him a left over pizza, I put weed in it, rolled it up and then fed it to him to calm him down.

Mom- Omg you are the worst!

Daughter- Umm, since we're all being honest here I need to tell you guys something too.

Dad- Oh what did you do now?

Daughter- I didn't do anything, butt my boyfriend gave some treat to Nate.

Mom- When did this happen? And who is this boyfriend you're talking about? I am seriously upset with all of you right now!

Dad- Oh yes young lady your mom and I are upset, we talked about this, you're not allowed to date until you graduate college. Who is this boy, is he from school? How old is he?

Daughter- He's a lot older than me, he's black and he's a rapper.

Dad- Omg what's his name?

Daughter- Umm.......Snoop Dogg, He's quite famous.

Son- (Sings) Sticky-icky-icky, oohhh wee... smoke weed everyday!

Created: May 10, 2017


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