Eric Backpatman

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Name: Eric - Backpatman

Super Power:

 Pops up and gives all co workers a pat on their back. 

Physical Description:

 5'3", bit on the chubby side. creepy moustache. bad teeth and a stinky breath. don't worry you will not see that face when he's patting your back .  

Personality Traits: 

Eric is a bit annoying really. boss doesn't even know what Eric's job description is, because when Boss took up the job 20 years ago, Eric was already working there.  he's always late for work, but always the last guy to leave. procrastinates and gives confusing reasons but you can count on Eric the Back Patman because that guy is Super!  

Created: May 09, 2017

Tags: superhero, superofficehero, wunderboy, ericbackpatman, nonfiction actually, fiction, character, characterizat

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