The Inconvenience Convenience Store - ATM Edition

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A WOMAN exits the passenger side of her BOYFRIEND's car - who is in the driver's seat playing with his PHONE - she twirls a BANK CARD as she approaches an outdoor ATM.

ATM:  (Loud/crackly)  "Welcome to the Inconvenience Convenience Store ATM!"

The Woman jumps at the announcement and looks back at her boyfriend to ease her embarrassment- he's still on his phone - she rolls her eyes.

She attempts to insert the bank card.

ATM: (Loud/distorted) "Welcome to the Inconvenience Convenience Store ATM!"

She jumps again not expecting a second announcement.

WOMAN: (re: ATM) Shut up.

She inserts the bank card - it slides in as expected - immediately after the option window goes blank.

ATM: (Mockingly) "Thank you for using the Inconvenience Convenience Store ATM!  Goodbye!"

WOMAN:  (re: ATM)  What?  No.

The Woman looks round for assistance - there is none - after pressing 'CANCEL' on the keypad a number of times she accepts defeat and taps on her Boyfriend's window.  He barely acknowledges her as he operates the window.



On the other side of the ATM an employee is sat on the floor of the help-desk stacking various BANK CARDS into a giant pyramid.

CUSTOMER (O.S):  There's no one on the help-desk again.

Created: May 09, 2017

Tags: script, fiction, request, comedy, inconvenience store script

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