When I fell in love with Math, which led to my love of data.

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In 3rd grade I had my first ever male teacher. Mr. Church was a 30 year old male bachelor who wasn't easy to get along with. At times I felt he absolutely hated me. But, one day during recess I had to stay behind due to disciplinary action, I came to realize how caring he truly was. Mr. Church set down a piece of paper with multiplication tables on it. I wasn't sure what to do with it since we hadn't really started working on multiplication yet but was curious. He told me that if I could finish this sheet in 5 minutes I would be able to go out to recess with the other kids. My friends said they were going to be recreating the last WWF match that we saw the night before and I definitely wanted to get out there. So I asked what I was supposed to do. He stated that in order to multiply numbers you have to look passed the matrix on the paper and understand that some things are pattern based. Sometimes you don't just have to think laterally to get to the next step. I started working through the matrix and realized just how easy it could be. Multiplication came to me a lot easier than I had expected, I was tearing through this sheet like there was no tomorrow and before I knew it I was done. He stopped the timer and it read 45 seconds. Mr. Church looked at me with astonishment and asked if I was ready to head outside or try another. I replied with a wild grin, what's next?

Created: May 09, 2017


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