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Funny thing: I told this story to someone just a couple of days ago....  When I was a child I was expected to be quiet and patient, and behave myself.  One day, while I was still learning how to behave myself,  we were in a store and I guess I made a fuss about something.  My father took me aside and told me that if I did not behave he was going to take me out and put me in the car and lock me in so I couldn't get out.  

I believed him, of course,... (I might have been 5 years old).... 

A few years later, when I was about 11 years old, I remember that incident, and "HEY! wait a minute,... it's not possible to do that!"  

That is the biggest lie I was told that I can still remember.

Created: May 09, 2017


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