Letters to Romeo 1.

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Hey :)

Wanted to check if you had seen RHCP new music video, 'Goodbye Angels'. Just saw it this morning and it reminded me of the conversation we had about them always writing about younger girls, but not in the typical 'oh she's so hot' way but in a more 'you're way to young, you're probably gonna betray me at some point but what ever' way. Anyhow, the lyrics did surprise me a bit ~again~ as i do remember reading them some time ago. I think you actually told me this was your favorite song on their new album so of course i read the lyrics. And while it's not my favorite, it certainly hits a string in me especially after yesterday.

But in other news, i just got out of bed at almost twelve, haven't eaten yet, but i'm going to work and i am actually hungry. So no worries. Also i didn't cry after you left, guess your hugs and kisses have some kind of magic with them. I kind of hope you were as sad as me, but i also really hope you didn't end up crying in your car or something. Cars are bad for crying, way to many windows and just not that nice when you're alone in them.

Guess that's it for today, i really have to run to work. Oh but if i have time i might just write again tonight.

Yours truly,


Created: May 09, 2017


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