HEAT (When the Dust Settles) Re-Write

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When the dust has settled

When I see the sign

When I’ve had my whiskey

When the sweat has dried

I will see your beauty

I will light your eyes

Like the full moon risin’

I will kiss the sky

When the high noon rises

With the sheriff’s gun

I will plant my feet down

I will face the sun

In the calming after

If I’m the only one

I will come back to you

I will never run…

Hmm hmm hmm hmm

When the dust settles

When you hear the native drum

Cowboy quenches all his thirst

Cowboy never runs

I can see the white horse

Standin’ on the ridge

Raven sittin’ on ‘is back

He saw what I did

I will get my pony

I will tip my hat

I’ll will sweep you up to me

Upon my pony’s back

Off into the sunset

Fire full of lust

We will both together

Ride forward from the dust

They will all be talkin’

Legend will live on

Cowboy came around that day

Set the right of wrong

The wind will keep on singin’

Sun will rise and set

Dust will dance but it will always settle for the best

Created: May 09, 2017

Tags: poetry, lyrics, theme

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