Shoutout to my sister; my very first teacher

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My sister is almost 5 years older then me. When she was a kid and teenager, she wanted to become a police officer. She dressed up as one for years, for Halloween and Carnival. She was hell-bent on joining the police force.

Little sister me was always following her around, wanting to play with her. I'd make her play school with me; the concept of school was such a magical thing to me, where my big sister would go every day without me, where I couldn't follow her. So I'd make her bring it home.

She'd sit me down and teach me what she had been taught in school that day. Reading, writing, basic calculus; I was two years old when I stunned my parents by being able to read the signs in the zoo describing the animals. My teacher sister had taught me.

I skipped two classes in kindergarten, graduated university at 20; 2 years ahead of everyone else. I have always hated school, when I finally got to go myself, because I felt it was slow and uninteresting - and nothing like how my sister used to teach me!

My sister never did join the police force; she flunked the personality test for being too nice. Instead, she became a teacher. She teaches English as a second language to high school kids, with a reputation for being strict. Imagine the irony.

My big sister was my very first teacher and I never had a more influential one. Yes, it also made me severely dislike school, but without her I would have had to suffer through for two years longer. And I don't hate learning, she taught me that learning can be fun; maybe even kids play.

Created: May 09, 2017


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