Baking Rhymes

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Lets add some more to this awesome beat!!

Starway Rhymes

Come in close! Come see how a baker bakes!

Cause once you're in my kitchen you gon love my cakes

All you Plankton emcee's trying to steal my ingredients

This ain't fast food, Its experience!

I be baking them rhymes, slowly staking my reputation

As I spit and revise all my lines, I'ma drip feed you nothing

But knowledge, one sentence from me can put your ass through college!

When you look back you gon say…

Starway man.. He don't play….

I am in the kitchen baking rhymes with a vision

Haters pay for my songs just to hate on them more

They don't know this shit for free but they in my kitchen

Trying to eat the scraps but they end up washing dishes

If you can't comprehend what I'm saying

Then in layman's terms think of this as a Michael Bay movie

And one of my sets will explode yah,

I am War! You're my Soldier!


Bang, Boom.. Bang, Boom, Damnnn

That's the sound when I bake in my kitchen

Bang, Boom.. Bang, Boom, Damnnn

You just mad cause my rhymes are delicious!

Created: May 09, 2017

Tags: rap, hip hop, baking rhymes, isolated audio, remix, request

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