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I already tried this recently. The day when I left my phone at home was a very beautiful day. The first few hours were very uncomfortable as I was trying to grab it out of my pocket I realised its not there. So for 2 hours I was trying to take it out every 5 minutes. I guess the realisation thag its not there triggered subconscious longing for it. When I finally relaxed to the fact that I don't have Google, Facebook, AppStore etc., a great feeling filled me. Every action I was doing have been filled with a sense of fulfillment and completion. It gave me a huge release. I started noticing small details as my focus was on the outer world. I knew already that I don't have a phone and just relaxed. It changed my thinking patterns and thought proceedings. Long story short - it was a beautiful day. I can't do it every day. But I will enjoy doing it on not so busy days. Definitely a cell phone is a taboo now in nature and days when I don't really need it.

Created: May 08, 2017


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