The Phases (short story)

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A dark room appeared. the boy was frightened to rescue his beloved toy.

"But I have to go, I have to..." he said.

Armed only with a flashlight, he submerged himself into the room and faced his fear head on. He came back with bruises caused by old furniture he stumbled across. He didn't know how his toy ended up there but he was now happy to see a forgotten symbol of hope he used to embrace 2 years ago.

He was reunited with Luther, the long lost bear.

Days, Months and Years passed by. A beautiful woman lighted the hallway but no one seems to notice her elegant glare. the boy who is now a student was at a pause and forgot what he was doing. He noticed that he was the only on who noticed. He blushed and said to himself-

"They say hitting a first base is impossible for a man of my reputation but they'll be surprised when I get a home run"

Armed only with a Minor in Linguistics, he approached his target like a one man army. When the distance lessened so to was his courage for perseverance and when she looked upon him he looked like a soldier aiming to surrender.

She laughed exuberantly. Everyone finally noticed.

The two of them had an awkward conversation. No one from the hallway understood what they were saying. One student noticed they were speaking Klingon but then they switched to simple body language. Everyone didn't care and continued on to their business.

After the conversation, He returned back to his stuff. His best friend guarding his stuff saw him come back very pale. He asked him if he was alright. The student raised his arm. His best friend saw him holding a card. Written on it were the woman's personal information and his scheduled date with her on a Friday.

He smiled.

Created: May 08, 2017


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