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Was never an avid ufo advocate but I just witnessed my first ever sighting no joke I froze and couldn't go back in my house to get a camera I can't explain it it's 30 minutes later I have a headache but my body hairs are still on alert as if there's a feeling deep in my gut I swear I wish I was making this up I even have binoculars in my room the thought came in my head but i couldn't move as I write this my heart beat is increasing as if I shouldn't be writing this and my eyes keep crossing as I I'm tired or faint it was way overtop houses At first I thought it was a plane but their was no noise only a loud humming as if my ears were ringing internal just thinking of the noise is giving me vertigo like symptoms i know the mind plays tricks on the willing but this isn't the case it was dipping through the air with 3 or 4reddish and alternating white lights and there were atleast 2 white blueish orbs near it but not to near and the white of the craft and orbs were different whites as soon as that craft was out of sight behind a set of clouds the humming stopped around 8 seconds after it was out of sight the orbs stayed in sight for atleast another 25 seconds i lasted a cool 7-8 mins and the whole time my brain was telling me to go get camera or binoculars for proof but I couldn't do it I live in Montreal this isn't common around here. I waited around another minute then I got a cold flash in body telling me to leave what's crazy is I live near an airport and there's constant overhead traffic I know the difference between planes yet somehow during that 8 minutes there wee no departs or arrivals passing overhead which I swear to me was what gave it away as soon as that buzzing noise stopped an airplane passé over head. As I lay in my bed trying to sleep posting to this platform I wonder when will I see this again

Created: May 08, 2017


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