Sunsets and Bottle Caps

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The world as it is now holds little joy to look forward to. That is reality. Stress over self-image, bills, work, family squabbles, and the rush of society, there is little to enjoy. Little however, translates that there still is. Those little moments of happiness make our lives worth living. The smile of a student, child, mother, friend, and the sound of silence, laughter, song all make life worth enduring. It is our relationship with others and our odd obsessions over sunsets, blues skies, bottle caps, and smooth still surfaces that keep us company during hard times. Life is not about those loud honking cars while stuck in traffic or those endless nights that are mistaken for day. Rather life is about those peaceful moments of self-expression. It is when time stops for a few seconds to let us feel the dancing breeze, and when time lets you notice that the flowers in your yard have bloomed. Those fleeting seconds push away the overbearing whispers of society to allow a human to breath. I believe in a moment of peace. I believe in a moment of self-appreciation and acceptance.
My moment of peace exists. I enjoy and savor it with a dear friend, an old friend. She sings to me when I’m sad, and yells at me when I am angry. Her scolds are louder than words and dig deep beneath my stubborn skin. But with her, even in fits of rage, I am myself. Society holds no place in our private world. Society cannot bribe her judgment with its harsh words and bias standards. No, my friend is a fair judge, a fair guide. She listens to me in my times of sorrow without scorn and without pity. She is silent. When I cry to her, she sings to me in my moments of need, and serenades when I am happy. With her, I forget the world; I abandon my heavy burdens for a moment of peace. With her I have grown, with her I have learned. A true friend, a true companion, she has been loyal. For nine years, we have endured and escaped to our paradise, even if only for snippets at a time. With her, I can be child and run to my wonder filled world of oddities and bottle caps, a world where I can choose the colors of the sky, a world where I hear music and melodies instead of gunshots and screams. With her I find peace in Chopin’s Preludes, and Debussy’s Children’s Corner . Even in moments of inner turmoil, I have an escape. She is my friend, my true friend. Her name is Rachel and she is my piano, and we believe in a moment of peace.

Created: May 08, 2017


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